About Our Story…

The GM Group story is still being written. In truth, we feel this is just the first ‘piece’, albeit, a cornerstone piece, of a much bigger ‘puzzle’. With committed and capable leadership and an organisational will like no other, we are destined for further success. Passionate, committed and obsessed with being the best, we have a plan and a proven track record of successful delivery.

Throughout our young history, we have faced many difficult challenges.  In keeping with many other businesses, we have always improvised, overcome and adapted to ensure we enhance our prospects of success.  Unlike many other businesses, we wrap this in a fearless attitude towards change that ensures we learn quickly and apply lessons learned with agility that is unmatched by our peers.

GM Group has a carefully considered but robust strategy to guide our successful growth. As a result, our strategy has seen us grow through diversification.  We have established businesses in various sectors in order to mitigate risk and enhance our strong portfolio.  In short, we have built a business people want to join as members, work with as partners and buy from as customers.  Welcome to the GM Group.

GM Group Core Values


Process Driven

Our Age and Business Prospects
As a group we have been through reform and regulations
Established for over a decade
We know when to grow and when to consolidate


Commercial Awareness
Lean Six Sigma
Adopted Principles of Lean
Automation in Systems
Shared Services


Our Structure and Corporate Governance
Leadership Team
Internal Communications Structure

Organic Growth

Majority of our core leaders started at entry level
Aspiring Managers Programme


Huge growth in a short period of time
Resilience where needed
Growing our people


We have survived reforms and regulations
We don’t shy away from challenges
We play to win


Our Core Values
We honour what we say and deliver on our promises
Tenure of our members
We under promise and over deliver


Different sectors
We have learned many lessons along the way
Multiple income channels
Different backgrounds

Rewarding & Caring

Our Identity and Personality
Investors in People
Banded Member Scheme
Health and Wellbeing Scheme


Our Core Values
Our Processes
Sense of Team


Establishment of the group and the businesses within it
Commercial Awareness
Commercially Driven

Adaptive Intelligence

We can react appropriately to situations
Common sense approach
We take initiative

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